The mission of the Wakarusa-Olive, Harrison Township Public Library is to select, acquire and organize materials in a variety of media that record man’s knowledge, ideas and culture. This variety of media/formats shall be such that access to the information will be readily available to any member of the library community. The collection is developed to meet the educational, profession, as well as, the recreational needs of the community. Special emphasis within the collection is placed on the educational needs of preschoolers, school-aged children and adults, thus supporting the community with life-time learning opportunities.

  • Meeting Room Policy

    Dr. Robert Abel Meeting Room Policy

    The Library Board of the Wakarusa Public Library recognizes the need for groups within the community to reserve the use of the meeting room for public gatherings. This in keeping with the library’s mission to support the educational, professional and recreational needs of the community it serves, the Library Board permits the use of the meeting room to RESIDENT* groups at no charge provided that they follow the prescribed rules and procedures. NON-RESIDENT* groups will be assessed a basic rental fee of $40.00 an event. ALL activities engaged in direct or indirect revenue collection or private gatherings (Resident and Non-resident) such as anniversary, birthday, or open houses will be charged the rental fee. Persons or groups attempting to sell completed products or services for profit will be denied use of the room. Groups with special situations not falling into the above categories can be granted use of the room by the library director.

    * RESIDENT groups have 50% or more members residing in Olive and/or Harrison Township. NON-RESIDENT groups, conversely, have less than 50% membership residing in these townships.

    Library sponsored programs and events will take priority over all programs.

    The FOLLOWING CONDITIONS MUST BE MET by any group reserving use of the meeting room:

    1. The person reserving the room will do so by contacting library staff no earlier than three months prior to the event. The group name will be placed on the Reserve Calendar provided all conditions herein defined can be met. He/she accepts responsibility for any damage to the room or its contents by signing the Reserve document.

    2. The door key must be picked up the day of the event. (Sunday reserves will require special arrangements) This party signs the Reserve document also to accept responsibility for the proper use and return of the key.

    3. Persons reserving the meeting room must be 21 years or older in order to use the room, unless special arrangements are made with the library director. A responsible adult must be attending the event for which the room is reserved.

    4. No drugs or alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on library property. Smoking is prohibited inside the library building.

    5. Nothing shall be attached to the wall. Piano, or framed art are NOT to be moved unless given permission by library management.

    6. There will be no general admission charged to the event. Buying or selling is not permitted without prior consent by the director. Special situations may exist for Library and Friends of the Library activitities.

    7. Food service is limited to light refreshments. No carry-in meals or buffet dinners or lunches will be permitted. GROUPS MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN FOOD SERVICE UTENSILS AND EQUIPMENT.

    8. The room must be vacated by 10:00 p.m. unless other arrangements are made by library management.

    9. All groups are responsible for leaving the room in the same order they found it when they entered. Organizations and individuals holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to the room or its contents.

    10. Furniture and equipment needed for the meeting should reserved at the time the room is reserved. An additional $10.00/per hour charge will be made if projectionist is required. The Library Board is authorized to deny use to any group that is disorderly, or in violation of any of the above regulations.

    Before leaving make sure:
    1. All lights in the meeting room, hall and restrooms are turned off.
    2. The restrooms have been vacated and the toilets flushed.
    3. All areas used by your party is left in a neat and orderly arrangement.
    4. Outside door remains locked at all times. Wood blocks are provided to prop open the door during your event. When leaving make sure the door is secure shut. Leave key on the piano in the meeting room.

    • Circulation Policies

      Art Prints:

      Loan period: 2 months
      Renewal: 2 months* (4 months total)
      Quantity: Unlimited amount of prints may be checked out a time

      Reciprocal borrowers may NOT check out art prints.
      Teachers with WA-NEE cards may NOT check out art prints.

      Special instructions: Must check out a bag to transport prints. Failure to do so results in
      a $0.50 fine per picture.

      Audio (Music CDs and Audio Books):

      Loan period: 3 weeks
      Renewal: 1 renewal* (6 weeks total)
      Quantity: no limit


      New books (adult fiction):
      Loan period: 2 weeks

      Regular books:
      Loan period: 3 weeks
      Renewal: 1 renewal* (6 weeks total)

      There is no limit on the number of books that can be checked out.


      Loan period: 1 week
      Renewal: 1 renewal* (2 weeks total)
      Quantity: 3 titles per family

      Only valid Adult Wakarusa card holders (resident and nonresident) may
      check out CD-ROMS.


      Loan period: 7 days
      Quantity: 5 titles per family

      Only valid adult Wakarusa card holders (resident and non-resident) may
      check out DVDs. Parents or legal guardians may sign a permission form allowing their
      child/children to check out DVDs. Cardholder must be present.

      Special instructions:
      NO advanced HOLDS are allowed unless the DVD is checked out.
      Teachers needing DVDs for certain days must make special arrangements with Children’s Director.


      New magazines
      Loan period: 3 days
      Renewal: no renewal
      Quantity: 3 magazines

      Adult magazine
      Loan period: 1 week
      Renewal: 1 renewal* (2 weeks total)
      Quantity: no limit

      Children’s magazine
      Loan period: 1 week
      Renewal: 1 renewal* (2 weeks total)
      Quantity: no limit

      * Materials may only be renewed if there are no “holds” placed on them for other patrons.

      • Computer and Internet Use Policy

        Electronic information research skills are now essential in the educational preparations of students and adults.  Access to the Internet enables people to explore thousands of libraries, databases, and other resources around the world. In making decisions regarding access to the electronic information and the Internet, the Wakarusa Public Library considers its own stated mission, goals, and objectives. The Wakarusa Public Library reserves the right to set and enforce rules and regulations concerning the use of Internet and other computer resources.

        Providing access to electronic information services, networks, and the Internet is not the same as selecting and purchasing material for a library collection.  Some information accessed electronically may not meet the library’s selection or collection development policy.  It is, therefore, left to each user to determine what is appropriate.  Parents who are concerned about their children’s use of electronic resources should supervise their children.


        – The library’s Computer and Internet Use Policy will display on the computer screen as the patron begins to use the computer. Users are encouraged to read this policy carefully. Continued use of the computer signifies that the patron has agreed to abide by the guidelines set forth in the policy.

        – Verification of a young person’s date of birth will be required for persons turning 16 years old.

        – The user is responsible for the correct use of the computer systems and its tools.  Patrons are not allowed to install computer programs to the library’s computers.  Users will be held liable for damages as a result of improper use.

        – Information gathered while using the computer systems or the Internet should be  downloaded to the users’ portable storage device.  All information saved on the hard drive of the library’s computers will be deleted.

        – While using the Internet computers users continue to be responsible for supervising the behavior of children who have accompanied them to the library. If a child is disruptive, you may be asked to terminate your computer use early and supervise the child.

        – The user is responsible for complying with all copyright laws, patents, and licensing agreements.

        – The Library staff reserves the right to request photo identification of persons requesting to use the computers.

        – Computer users who also hold Wakarusa-Olive, Harrison Township Public Library cards should not have fines or overdue materials in excess of $6.00.  These patrons will be required to pay their fines and/or return library materials before they are allowed to use the library’s computers.


        Computers and their resources must be used for legal purposes only by the public and library staff.  Examples of illegal use include, but are not limited to:

        – Display or dissemination of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive (obscene/pornographic) material
        – Unlawful or malicious activities
        – Libel or slander of others or the library
        – Using abusive or objectionable language
        – Harassment of others
        – Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials
        – Destruction or damage of equipment, software, or data found on the computers
        – Violation of computer system security
        – Destruction or tampering with computer files
        – Use of spamming software or other high bandwidth usage programs
        – Use of Internet chat programs

        Any violations or inappropriate use of the library computer systems or the Internet will result in loss of computer use and/or library privileges, and possible removal from the library premises.


        Staff provides limited assistance for basic start up procedures.  Library staff will not provide in-depth instruction for users.  If specific information is needed, staff members will assist you in acquiring information, or will contact you at a later date with information you require.

        AGE LIMITS

        Children’s and public computers:
        Children age 8 or younger must have an adult or older sibling sitting at the computer with them.
        Internet Computers:
        Users 15 and under must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.


        Children’s Computers:
        Children are allowed one hour per day if no other users are waiting; if others are waiting the time limit is one-half hour per day. Only two users are allowed on the computer at a time.  Time counts for each user at the computer.

        Internet Computers:
        An individual has up to 1 hour on the Internet if others are waiting; maximum time of 2 hours per day per individual.


        Cost of printing off the Internet is $.30 per page for color; $.10 per page for predominately black and white, and $1.00 for color on photo paper.


        Users may download information onto their own portable storage devices.  Disks are available for purchase at circulation desk.


        The Wakarusa Public Library is NOT responsible for the following:

        – The accuracy of the information found on the Internet, or other computer systems
        – Sites found on the Internet that the users considers objectionable
        – Lost data or information downloaded from the Internet or computer files
        – Viruses obtained through computer use
        – Personal property or information damaged while using the computer
        – The library does not offer direct access e-mail accounts
        -Information obtained through inappropriate or illegal use of the Library’s Internet connection


        It is the decision of the Library Board to use filtering software for all computers accessing the Internet.  We acknowledge, however, the fact that no software is totally accurate in filtering Internet sites. Errors may occur in the filtering process. Patrons age 18 or over may request that a site be “unblocked” by library staff. Staff will take into consideration the following guidelines in determining if a site will be unblocked: 1) not allowing visual depictions which are obscene 2) child pornography, or 3) any material that is harmful to minors. Staff members will address the “unblocking” request within 24 hours (except closed days). The filtering software is not meant to discourage Internet use, but to promote the idea that the Internet should be used primarily as a tool for professional and educational research.


        Wireless Internet connectivity is offered to patrons age 16 or older who have their own laptop computer or mobile device. There are no time limits wireless use. Patrons using the Library’s connectivity will be subject to all other policies stated above, including filtering.

        • Fines and Fees

          Visit the Fines and Fees page for more information.

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