Loan Periods / Fines / Overdues

Item Loan Period Fines and Overdues
Art Prints 60 Days $.25 Per Day
Art Bags
Replacement bag
Returning art print w/o bag
3 Days $.25 Per Day
$.50 per print
Books 21 Days $.05 Per Day
Audio Books 21 Days $.05 Per Day
Music CD’s
CD case
Hang-up bags
21 Days $.05 Per Day
$1.20 day
$.50 replacement
CD ROM’s (computer games) 7 Days $1.00 Per Day
Dropped in book drop
Failure to return case
Replacement costs if DVD has circulated 50+
Replacement costs if DVD has circulated 75+
Replacement costs if DVD has circulated 100+
(if unsure ask the director)
7 Days $1.00 Per Day
1/2 replacement cost
1/4 replacement cost
no charge
Magazines Back Issue 7 Days $.25 Per Day
Magazines Current 3 Days $.25 Per Day
*Residents with special needs may qualify for extended loan periods.

Library Fees

Item Fee
Black & White Copy 8 ½ x 11 $.10
Black & White Copy 8 ½ x 14 (legal) $.10
Black & White Copy 11 x 17 (ledger) $.20
Color Copy 8 ½ x 11 $.30
Color Copy 8 ½ x 14 (legal) $.75
Color Copy 11 x 17 (ledger) $1.00
A copy made on patron’s own paper is the same cost as regular copies.
Patrons may NOT supply their own paper for the color copier.
Incoming Fax $2.00
Outgoing Fax
(No charge for Library’s cover page)
(No charge for local or 800 numbers)
$1.00 per page (Continental US Only)
Meeting Room
(see Meeting Room rules for free use)
Library Card Replacement
Non-resident school
Non-resident fee
Senior citizen (age 65+)
$5.00 per student
Roll Laminating Up to 12″
The Wizard Laminator 6×9




$.25 (2 sided)
$.30 (1 sided)

$.40 (2 sided)
$.50 (1 sided)

$.60 (2 sided)
$.75 (1 sided)

$.80 (2 sided)
$.90 (1 sided)

Lost/Damaged Materials

Philosophy: Charges for lost or damaged library materials are assessed to encourage patrons to take proper care of public property and give materials their optimum life span.

If library materials are lost by a patron, the patron is charged the price listed on the item’s bibliographic record and order as the price paid for the material plus any fines that have accrued.

Patrons are encouraged to use the “Missing/Claims Returned” status which will stop fines on materials and allow two months to look for material they have checked out but cannot locate. A maximum of three items per patron may be put into the “Missing/Claims Returned” status at any given time. Because of their high demand the following items are not allowed to be put in the

“Missing/Claims Returned” status: current issues of magazines; DVDs; videos; new fiction and nonfiction books in high demand. At the end of two months if the material is not returned to the Library, the patron is sent a bill for the item.

Theft does not exempt the patron from payment for the loss of library materials. Patrons must pay for lost material; they are not allowed to purchase a replacement.

Money paid to the library for the lost item will not be refunded even if the material is found. Materials have a limit of $6.00 per item total fine.

Borrowers are encouraged to report to the library staff the finding of damaged or incomplete materials before check-out or during the loan period. Borrowers should not attempt to repair damage themselves. Fines will be assessed to patrons for damaged materials which are not the result of normal use. If the full replacement cost is paid by the patron, they may keep the damaged item. After damaged items are withdrawn from the Library’s collection, the patron has thirty days to pick up the material or it will be disposed of. Patrons must pay for damaged materials; they are not allowed to purchase a replacement.

Minor damage – a few pencil marks, bent pages, torn plastic covers. Patron will be phoned and receive a warning. No fee.

Moderate damage – highlighting, ink marks, less than five torn pages. $5.00 fee

Severe damage – liquids spilled on material, food spilled on material, extensive marking in ink, cut or missing more than five pages, stained multiple pages, burns, teeth marks from pets or children, compact discs or DVDs with warping or extensive scratching, multiple piece items with missing/damaged piece(s), audio cassettes with tape pulled from case, any damage rendering the material unusable for circulation. Full replacement fee.

The Library Director or Assistant Director may add or forgive charges against a patron’s account in extreme cases not covered by the above situations. Patrons who habitually damage materials may have their borrowing privileges revoked by the Library Director

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